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    Jiangsu ChangSanJiao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Chang San Jiao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned new type high-tech chemical enterprise. It has $ 28.8 million of the registered capital, and covers an area of 100,000 square meters.
    Our company is located in the provincial chemical development zone-Fine Chemical Park, Dantu Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China. With the State Road 312 in the south, the Yangtze River in the north, 30 kilometers away from Nanjing, it enjoys excellent geographical advantages and convenient transportation.
    There are more than 300 employees, 15 percent of which are senior professional technicians. The company owns strong technical force. In 2010, the sales revenue was $ 64 million and the margin of profit was nearly $ 10 million
    Our main products include 25,000 tons p-chlorotoluene and o-chlorotoluene per annum, 25,000 tons maleic anhydride and 20,000 tons high-performance composite resins annually. Our company always sticks to the development concept "recycling economy, saving energy and technological innovation" to build the industrial chain, and to develop new chemical materials. We take chemical R&D seriously, and cooperate with many colleges and universities to develop new technologies and new products. The DCS automatic chlorination control system is known as the first innovation in our country. The company also has a highly efficient distillation technology.
    The company sincerely welcomes you to visit us, and we will offer you the best services.
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